February 9, 2008

Sorry, this website/blog is closed. It may be re-opened during Summer. But I’m planning to make a cool game! For more info, keep udated at:


Banner Taker!

December 6, 2007


My CP will make your banner! FREE!  Click here to have one! 

Beta Hats!

November 24, 2007

Dear Beta Testers,

Oh, Finally! (I didn’t posted because my internet was gone.) The Beta Hats are now e-mailed for every beta tester! So, check your e-mail! Sorry, but I didn’t left you a message because I was in a hurry! If you didn’t get it… tell me by commenting in this post!

In other news:  I was making a TOP SECRET Avatar Penguins that will be published very soon, so be sure to check out this blog soon!

Also, I  am going to start the 2nd Version of Avatar Penguins (Winter Version) and very soon enough, Christmas Edition Of “My CP”! And much more to come in December!

Waddle  On!

Yellow Crown

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Introducing… more!

November 1, 2007

Bored of “Penguin Avatars”? Maybe you should try “More Of My CP”!

A whole new avatars of: “Penguin Makeover”! Well, Penguin Maker doesn’t beats PPP! 🙄

“Penguin Makeover” by Beneas789!

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October 27, 2007

Hi All!

I just want to tell all of you that;

  1. The party has been moved to next Saturday. Same time, same server, and same place.

Also, I have noticed that some penguins are e-mailing me, asking to send them “Avatar Penguins” or “Avatar Penguins Beta”.

And here is my answer:

  • 1. Please comment at my site.
  • 2. Sorry, the “Avatar Penguins BETA” is closed.  Next weekend I’ll be sending the first version of: “Avatar Penguins”.

That’s All Folks!

Yellow Crown

(the my cp’s maker)

Halloween Festival!

October 25, 2007

Halloween Festival!

Click HERE to see it closer!  The Halloween Party (hopefully) will be halloweenistic fun! As you can see there is an extra party by Legoless….


“1. Tell some friends to meet at the Town/Cove/Dock/etc.


2. Then sit down backwards & try to get even more people to join your pumpkin patch!!” Legoless




Yellow Crown

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Your Feedbacks

October 22, 2007

Did you squashed any bugs? Of course you did! 😆 I squashed about 15 ants!

Thanks for everyone who helped me beta testing. I know that the only bug is: You couldn’t get the Beta Test Party Hat. I am sorry about this. 😳 BUT you will get it at the next version that it will be published next weekend. Ifyou think that it’s cool, sorry it won’t be cool in the future but EXTRA COOL! (that means better than cool) At the next weekend I will only send you the slide of the beta test party hat for those who are beta testers.

Those whom I didn’t sent an e-mail, I’ll send them or please comment at this post so I’ll send it for you (please tell me who are you!).

Don’t forget that the Christmas version of “Penguin Avatar”  will be published about 19th December or later. But you ask: “So the fun is over and continue at 19th December or later?” No, there will be posted lots of more posts and fun! So what’s next? A Halloween Party!

Happy Trick-Or-Treating!

Yellow Crown